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We LOVE Central Coast Cleaners! We use their services 1-2x per week and have a regular team come who know all the ins and outs of cleaning our vacation rental. They do a great job. Are flexible when I ask for doing something new, and have been so responsive to our needs. Am very happy we found Central Coast Cleaners.
Patrick Suel
She was very professional and informative. I’m a little put off by the initial cost, but the investment in the care of my home is worth it.
Elizabeth Roberts
Since signing up with Central Coast Cleaning I have never wanted to use anyone else for the last 8 years!

They always work in teams of 2, always work swiftly with can-do positive attitudes and always move things around, ever so slightly, that things work better than they did before they came!

Graciela, the owner, is whip-smart and fun and takes good care of her employees. It may cost slightly more than what other bigger companies charge, but they will give you their hard work and their honesty & if you sign up for bi-monthly or regular interval cleaning, they may be able to offer you a discounted rate.

Devorah H.
They arrived on time with a good sized crew. Supervisor present to get everyone oriented. They worked until the job was done, and it was exactly as promised and even better. A home deep cleaning is a very big job, and I am impressed with their dedication to make everything sparkle.
Very lovely people as well. I feel very comfortable working with them. Exceeded expectation.
Stephanie Taylor
Cheerful, competent, reliable, willing, knowledgeable, honest, self starters, available, supply own transportation and cleaning supplies. Very comfortable with pets in home. Creative, will straighten out drawers, closets, water flowers, use good judgement, careful, nothing seems too big for them. They make my home PERFECT!
Barbara W
Came down to Pacific Grove to help out my mom, who’s been sick and unable to clean properly. She got a quote from these guys to come and do deep cleaning on her kitchen and bathroom. On the appointed day, the cleaners were exactly on time, extremely friendly, and worked hard. When the cleaning went over the allotted time, Grace had them finish the job and didn’t charge for the extra. The next day, she came over herself to inspect the work, then offered to have the cleaners come back to take care of a few missed spots — again, free of charge.

I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and kindness shown by this company. Everyone at Central Coast was warm and communicative, and my mom was delighted with the work they did.

Brooke G.
Applause and standing ovation for Central Coast Cleaning.  If you need an excellent, professional and thorough cleaning service for your business then this is the company to call.   If you are a home owner, business office manager, or just run a vacation rental cottage like us,  you can trust this organization to consistently meet its commitments.  Our success depends on our guests arriving to a perfectly clean, inviting, turn key home, every time.

We have received only excellent feedback from our guests.  One even wrote a review for our cottage stating she and her husband actually ran their hands over our door frames and found no dirt there or anywhere in the cottage.  Most guests use the words immaculate and perfect.  Everyone acknowledges how clean they find the cottage.

You would be wise to call Central Coast Cleaning because they operate like a well-oiled team.  The owner, Grace, operates in a professional manner and has highly organized management and business skills.  Grace sends trained teams but also supervises and frequently inspects the work performed by her teams, thus providing a critical level of quality control

They made an impression on us over 4 years ago when we needed an emergency intervention for incoming guests and they met that need, in spades and immediately.   The rapid and impressive results of that intervention made us repeat clients.  Their continued excellence has made us permanent fans.

Central Coast Cleaning provide services above and beyond cleaning.  The teams and their manager have a keen eye for detail.   If you need, as we do, a company that can consistently deliver a complete service,  please call and set up an appointment.

We do not live in California and can only visit occasionally but we can be absolutely certain our cottage is 100% managed for detail.   We count on  Grace’s help to secure any item for the cottage that needs to be replaced. The team manages the refills, needed supplies, etc. and they handle our special requests professionally.  We respect their accountability, honesty and good taste so that we often depend on their helpful insights to make large purchases such as decorations or renew bedding when necessary, keeping the property inviting and highly functional.

Our experiences with other housecleaning services have typically been a mop and go arrangement.  Central Coast Cleaning is not a mop and go company.  We are assigned a consistent team and this ensures a reliable knowledge of what the cottage requires for our guests.  We receive attention to detail and they listen to and follow any special requests.

Our expreience has been a 10!
Mr. and Mrs. Hawes
Members: Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce

Tin N.
I did a lot of research before calling Central Coast cleaning.  I read every review on housekeepers on this website and was very selective before calling someone as I’ve grown tired of firing housekeepers.

I have been using Central Coast on a Bi-Monthly schedule now for about 4 months.  They show up, usually right on time with two women.  I’ve seen some different faces, but until today there has always been one constant lady.

The first time I used them I was blown away by their attention to detail and quality.  I continue to be very impressed and while it costs more than the last person I had, I am happy to spend the money for the quality.  These people get it!

Today I came home to two totally different people.  I was a bit miffed at first because I don’t like unfamiliar people in my house, but upon talking to one of the women I was put at ease.  I think this pair may actually have done a better job than the previous (regular) pair.

I’ve hired lots of contractors throughout the years to provide me different services and have rarely, if ever, left a review.  Central Coast cleaning is top notch.  Would recommend to anybody.

Grant Ryley
I would recommend these ladies any time!  They do a lot of clean up for me, move outs, contractor mess always with the best attention to detail
Frank Meachum
I could not be happier! These ladies work their butts off and my house sparkles when they leave. They are happy, efficient and on time.  They always greet me like a friend and get right to work. I have left to run errands on several occasions and return to a locked,  home and swept porch. I so appreciate them and highly recommend you treat yourself and get some “me” time back.
Dail Vannerus
They were here within an hour of promised time – no problem.  They clarified what services I needed and went right to work.  Since there was a two hour minimum, when they finished with the floors, there was time to do the windows in three rooms as well.
Linda Parker
The ladies always do a great job on our apartment. Very thorough cleaning, even bleach our moldy bathroom ceilings, which we couldn’t get other cleaners to do. Wood floors, area rug, dusting, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Even the top of the Fridge!
Matt Bollwinkel
I can always count on them to show up on time, and clean the unit to their high standards.  They report any damage, and their work is always to a high and consistent standard.  They report any minor issues such as needing light bulbs and batteries, and will restock for me at cost.  This takes much of the headache and extra work associated with managing the units.  I love working with them!  Because they are bonded and insured, the cost is more than an average housekeeping service, but they are worth it because of their professionalism, and attention to detail.  Because of the superior service they provide, I have no desire to look for other cleaners.  Grace Barajas is a great leader and inspiration to her employees, and the people I work with on a day to day level (Christina) are also very responsive.
Angel Dominguez
They came to my house for an initial walk-thru. They were very professionally and flexible with my schedule. They gave me a price for a good, deep clean and then a price for a weekly clean. They didn’t pressure me to schedule a cleaning every week. I opted for every two weeks. They do a great job and I have been very please with their quality of work.
Jennah Brown
Angie and Maria, were the girls who came to clean. They were extremely sweet and friendly with smiles from ear to ear.  Also very soft spoken. They arrived and without hesitation, immediately went to work! They were very professional also. They did not require that I be present while they work, so I gave them a check and left for work. On my way home from work I had a voice message which had been left on my cell phone. It was the woman I had spoken to initially to make my appointment, telling me that she was extremely sorry but Maria and Angie had called her to tell her that they were unable to get to one area of my home, due to the fact that they had run out of time on their three hour time limit that I had already paid for.

Needless to say, I was very bummed to hear this. When I got home though, I walked through the front door and was elated to see the results of what I had paid for! Everything looked FANTASTIC and smelled even better!! I went through my house (as you do when you have paid such a lot of money) to inspect the work they had done. WOW!! I really can not say enough nice things about the job they did. I have had house cleaners in the past and one of my pet peeves is when they move something to clean under or around it, they don’t put it back exactly where I had it! That used to drive me crazy! These girls had not only cleaned the object, under and around it BUT they then put it back EXACTLY where I had it in the first place!! My shower was not only spotless but it was so beautifully organized. My toilet paper looked like the paper when you first enter your hotel room bathroom, with the cute little fold. Everything was where I keep it and in addition, other things were all neat and tidy. My baseboards were beautiful and low and behold, I could not, for the life of me, find the area they were not able to get to!! While making my next appt. for them to come back for a second time, (Angie and Maria requested of course!), I told the woman I could not find the area she had left me the message about,  I was told, that Maria and Angie could not stand the fact that they would have been leaving my home and their job, unfinished and so they WENT BACK to complete their work!! They did not tell me this at that time, NOR did they charge me extra for doing so! Even before I knew they had done this and how ethical they were about their work, I had already called Central Coast Cleaning to leave a message to tell them what an excellent job they had done and how happy I was with their work, that I was going to refer them to all the friends I possibly could.

So………that was my experience and I am happy to report that even though I do think their prices are on the higher side, I am willing to pay every penny of what they charge because it is money well spent!! They do a beautiful job, they are friendly, ethical and hard-working girls! I hope this review helps someone else to make the decision to give them a try. Go for it! They are totally worth it!


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